Welcome to Radix

We are a small research group at MIT and one of our current projects is designing, building, and studying an educational MMO called The Radix Endeavor. You can read more about the game here and about our lab here.

As part of our design and development process, we collaborate with a number of advisors, teachers, and students. Together, we are designing the curriculum, game mechanics, assessment, prototypes, and all the other facets that will fit together to produce a successful educational game. This process can be lots of fun but it’s never easy, and on this blog we’ll be giving you a glimpse of what goes into it and keeping you in the loop on all of our progress. So stay tuned to be a part of all our exciting adventures!


One thought on “Welcome to Radix

  1. I am a retired pHD chemist/school volunteer who would like to start an after school program using some of your tools. Is it possible to have access to any of your software?? We would gladly be beta testers (or even lower in the alphabet). Our community is struggling with costs (aren’t they all), but if successful, this might open another area for your projects.



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